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A track about some things that Kabuto doesn't like very much. Kabuto recommends that graphic designers limit their font selection to 2--one for headers, one for body text--in most cases. Also stop trying to figure out who he is.


(Verse 1)
I know I said it, fuck weather, y'all soft like duck feathers
and the type of shmucks who switch up fonts for subheaders
That shit is bush league, mafukker, I'm much better
Finna cause you discomfort, like under a rough sweater (get thee hence)
Fuck these state-sanctioned Saint Nicks and tree ornaments
and fuck a dog owner kvetching about the leash ordinance (get thee hence)
Fuck an MQ-1 drone with beast ordnance and
congressfolk who move on gay rights like weak tortoises (get thee hence)
Fuck Wade and Dial, right? How you stop an orca?
Double fuck Johnny Test, right now I'm watching Korra
I give a fucks if you from Moscow or Glocca Morra
fucker, fuck you if you hate snapbacks but rock fedoras (get thee hence)
You're probably even stinky when compared to butts
Fuck the classrooms that made me sit in chairs that suck
Fuck the pioneers who slaughtered all the bears and such
Fuck a rapper if he swear too much, get the fuck out

Yo I hate a lot of shit, that's the brand, thats my thing dude
Positivity is hella bland, I aint being rude
but fuck you, everything I say is accurate, lad
Some of the stuff you probably like is really actually bad
Now get thee hence
Yeah, get thee hence
Get thee hence
Get thee hence kid, hence
Get thee hence

(Verse 2)
Yo listen (it's like this) I'm a rapper, I don't exist (right)
I'm a figment, a mystery, if this (nothing)
Some of y'all tryna get your kisser in my bidness (get thee hence)
Listen, I ain't with this, for shiznits, listen kids
Kabuto raps is like a law or a hot dog (meaning?)
Mark Whitaker figures is getting blocked, dog
And you can stalk my blog, you can blah blah blah
But if you do it to my face you can all sod off (get thee hence)
KTP's not your average bear
I got real life issues and I battle them there
You want to rat me out? I guess I give like half of a care
I just got way meaner shit than all of that in my hair (hence, kid, hence)
You just a sad-ass nebbish or a hoodlum
Acting like your P.I. routine was a good one
Psh yeah, fuck I look like? Robert Ludlum?
So I'm a bad liar, I ain't tryna be a good one



from The Almighty (Deluxe Edition), released August 9, 2013
Raps by Kabuto. Beat by Variant.



all rights reserved


Kabuto the Python New York, New York

Kabuto is a rude reptilian creature from beyond the outer reaches of the solar system.

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