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Kabuto hates boring album intro tracks so much that he usually skips to track 2 whenever he plays a new album. For "The Almighty," he wanted to make the first track a high-energy rap instead of a boring skit. It's short, though, because Kabuto isn't very good at rapping fast.


Kabuto Kabuto, Kabuto Kabuto
Kabuto Kabuto, Kabuto Kabuto
Kabuto Kabuto, Kabuto Buto Kabuto
Kabuto Buto Kabuto, Kabuto Buto Kabuto

(Verse 1)
Get up on a beat like this
and I make it happen
With a little rapping action
Give dap and slap half-ten for the backspin
Hop up in a black Accent and I'm mashing
Ditching all the crap-ass wack gay bashing,
Still, I got the mask and raps and smacking
KTP the microphone type assassin
Talented and dashing, smashing
Y'all just lacking everything you need to be rapping
That and you're acting so what's happening
Think you is a badass like Sam Jackson? Nah son
You ain't even Action Jackson
Flap gums, get it to the grill
like a dad with some shrinkwrapped hot dogs
in Cats And Dogs, I wish the cats won


(Verse 2)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah son, better get a day job walking cats
or, maybe you could be a ship captain
Not flattery, way you tryna act all African
You're just harassing them
Want a verse, get a beat that's past just slapping
Ask me then, you'll get a rap in ten ten ten ten ten


from The Almighty (Deluxe Edition), released August 9, 2013
Raps by Kabuto. The less said about the beat, the better, because nobody wants to get sued or anything.



all rights reserved


Kabuto the Python New York, New York

Kabuto is a rude reptilian creature from beyond the outer reaches of the solar system.

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