Pit Vipers (feat. Viet Vu)

from by Kabuto the Python

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This track in particular was an attempt at a return to Kabuto's "Parseltongue" sound--hard, oldschool beats and raps about hurting people. Features Viet Vu from Scrub Club labelmates the Soup or Villainz.


(Hook - Kabuto the Python)
Pit (pit) vipe (vipe) erss (erss) ssssss (ssssss)
Buto, Viet Vu, vipers loose from the zoo
Pit (pit) vipe (vipe) erss (erss) ssssss (ssssss)
Quiet on the set, Imma bite em in the neck

(Kabuto the Python)
It's Kabuto the Snake, the pit viper
Plus the Python, write on and spit tighter
Bright with Nikons, light on, the pic sniper
DSLR Rebel XTi that click nicer
Wait, no photography rap, the god is rocking the track
and Mazel Toving, kick back and pop a bottle of Jack
I know a lot of you wack and proper awful at rap
It ain't a novelty that y'all ogle
Bugging like I'm Archduke Poggle the Lesser
You could get gobbled in the dark like if you bothered a leopard
because the MCs I eat up all of them
Never without my (gasp) Heinz bottle and the salt and the pepper
I sink a fang up in your face, let you vomit and shiver
and I will show your mama I am charming at dinner
and if you cannot keep a beat well then you aren't a good spitter
It ain't a motherfucking case of "better tardy than never"


(Kabuto the Python)
S.C. or outer space, home is where the heart is
but you can catch me rolling up in Oakland where the BART is
Scope you in the darkness, poke you in the heart with a sharp stick
Best you better hope I'm only heartless

(Viet Vu)
You are so hopeless, we are so focused
Put down the needle cuz you're fucking with the dopest
Hocus pocus, plague you like locusts
Change your whole life--Mr. Holland's opus

(Kabuto the Python)
Get the strap, I'm finna Attack The Block
B-b-b-brap brap brap, yeah, blast a shot
But I don't really give a fuck if you can clap the Glock
and if you even wear a helmet Imma gnash the top
and I'm a astronaut, kicking raps for the galaxies
mad Andromedans think I'm sick like a malady
Crack mind, knowledge of rhyme expand rapidly
Studying the art under an Andalite faculty

(Viet Vu)
See me change forms, I'm so reptilian
Cold blooded, fire-hearted, getting so furious
Delirious, and a little bit mysterious
Lost in a void like Eerie, Indiana is
I'm the un-aired, unseen, sofa king
See you in the airwaves, this is just an air raid
And I'm taking over moving like Casanova
I'm about to blow up when you add some baking soda
I experiment with no experience
Gotta bring my A game, don't touch my bayonet
It's pointless, we'll poison the noiseless
A two headed beast like conjoined twins
The python, the brainiac, men like maniacs
Poems more epic than the fucking Iliad
This an Odyssey, to an odd degree
Einstein mind with a little mediocrity


(Kabuto the Python)
K for Kabuto, A for Almighty, B for a Boot that'll kick it like Trevor Likely
U is for Underground, T is for Type-B, Oh, you ain't effing with the writes?
You can bite me!
I used to kick dicey flows
and looking back I kinda think my old shit slightly blows
I could have stepped back from the prow
but I just buckled down, got my bars up and now I
grasp what I lacked in the past, I'm the best
writing tracks in the back of an Acura Legend
and tactically pensive but nasty with dense shits
Raps are intense, leave them bastards defenseless
I am on the job, make the wack and horrendous
cry and put the drops in the black where my pen dips
I ain't gonna stop till the racks in the tens
Kid's flying to the top cause I'm back with a vengeance!



from The Almighty (Deluxe Edition), released August 9, 2013
Raps by Kabuto and Viet Vu. Beat by Variant.



all rights reserved


Kabuto the Python New York, New York

Kabuto is a rude reptilian creature from beyond the outer reaches of the solar system.

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