World's Worst Nerdcore Rapper (feat. Shael Riley & The Incredible Beaker Band)

from by Kabuto the Python

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This song may overstate the case a little. But only a little.


(Shael Riley)
I know a man in a mask
I know a man in a mask knows trouble
finds no salvation from sin
If you carried his load,
if you walked with his bundle,
you wouldn't want to be him

(Kabuto the Python)
So I dig rap, wear a fitted cap and some Nikes
Neff hoodie, Neff hater blockers and a white tee
Nerdy but not riding for my people like I'm Spike Lee
I don't really like white demons but they like me
I like Soulja Boy, Jay, Nicki and Kanyeezy
Drake too, Gucci and Waka, and Young Jeezy
No weeaboo, I like Weezy and not chibis
I like Based God saying he's people from on TV
I fuck with Ke$ha more than Dessa, hella, Yela
more than Tech and dig Umbrella (ella) ella (ella) ella (ella) ey
I like Justin Bieber
Even though you fuckers think he's such a weiner
Really though, feeling like some things ain't straight
how the nerds like me, I like things they hate
Yall corniness has brought me to the brink today
and ain't really nothing I can think to say, leggo

(Shael Riley)
I know a man in a mask
I know a man in a mask knows fallback
tired and empty is he
As the python slinks back to his den
heavy is the head that wears the ball cap
Take it from old KTP

(Kabuto the Python)
Feeling like for real my disposition's not sunny
I think pirates, even zombies and ninjas aren't funny
I hate Hot Topic type shirts with the with the clever quips
And when I say "clever" what I mean is they are never this
Mad? I ain't finna bring the tune to a end though
and I ain't never played a fucking Super Nintendo
I ain't even played a single Mario game
I think that Star Trek is boring, and that Sonic is lame
Yo I think that Ron Paul is a shithead
Voted for Obama and I got what the tin said
And if you ain't pissed yet the rest should do
You say you "fucking hate chavs," no respect for you
Not a DnDer, I ain't never read fantasy
and I still have yet to see a well-written anime
Yo I know the scene is like a proper big family
but this the type of shit I would have thought'd scare my fans away

(Shael Riley)
I know a man in a mask
I know a man who's a space invader
I know a man from Vietnam
I know a man who's dark
I know a man beyond salvation
I know a man-python

(Kabuto the Python)
MC Lars: kind of a pariah, and Buto
do not really bump the music but I likes his views
And I am nobody and really ain't got shite to lose
but if you want me on a diss, then I might refuse
Ayo, these days I'm on a bell hooks tip
and through that prism, many of you, well, look shit
like Danimal Cannon who had the nerve to tell me he ain't
a bigot while decked out in everything except for grease paint
Ignorant fucks are gonna notice this sadist
Catch me up on Tumblr reading "Yo, Is This Racist?"
Talentless minstrels who flow a bit Amos
And you're acting like that tip is really dope and shit?
If you're lucky you might see me bump a Front CD
but most the rest of you all do not get no truck from me
Ayo, pleased to meet you, I yearns to smack yer
I'm Kabuto, the world's worst nerdcore rapper

(Shael Riley)
I know a man in a mask
I know a man who's beyond salvation
I know a man from Vietnam
I know a man who's dark
I know a man who's a space invader
I know a man who'll soon be gone
I know Kabuto the Python


from The Almighty (Deluxe Edition), released August 9, 2013
Raps by Kabuto. Singing by Shael Riley. Guitar and production by Beaker. Additional production by Variant.



all rights reserved


Kabuto the Python New York, New York

Kabuto is a rude reptilian creature from beyond the outer reaches of the solar system.

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